Red Bali Kratom


So Just What is Red Bali Kratom Anyway? 

Although Red Bali Kratom does not originate from it’s namesake, the island of Bali itself, it does share many of the characteristics of the Island, in that it’s a relaxing destination and one you will want to visit again and  again. Red Bali Kratom is actually typically harvested in Indonesia, just not in Bali itself. With oversized Kratom leaves and a rapid growth rate, Red Bali is easily one of the most readily available and cost efficient strains of Kratom. This combined with it’s high potency and mild to strong effects depending on dosage, makes it one of the most popular strains among Kratom users today. This popular red strain Kratom is actually a combination of two strains of Kratom, Sumatra and Borneo Kratom. 

Red Bali Kratom Effects 

Red Bali Kratom is loved by Kratom enthusiasts all over for its calming and relaxing effects. This Red Vein Kratom strain contains higher levels of the alkaloid Mitragynine which is known among Kratom users for its success with treatment of anxiety, insomnia, opioid withdrawal assistance and pain relief. Red Bali differs from other red vein Kratom in that it boosts your energy while maintaining the pain relief you would anticipate with a red strain. It has a euphoric effect and is the strain most commonly used for assistance with opioid withdrawal and pain relief.

Dosing of Red Bali 

Red Bali Kratom is a great choice for a Kratom beginner as it is a mild effect Kratom. The beginners dose is often recommended to be between 1-2 grams. This dose offering a gentle yet stimulating and effective response. 

More experienced users looking for a more soothing and relaxing type effect are often recommended to take between 4-6 grams. For a more sedative like effect experiences users might take up to 8 grams. 

Inexperienced users are highly recommended to start low and slow and as you have acclimated to the initial dose only then should you gradually increase as needed. 


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