White Samarinda Kratom


White Samarinda Kratom is grown and harvested in the Samarinda Forest in East Borneo. Borneo being the perfect habitat for Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa, which is an evergreen tropical tree of the coffee plant family. It is the strongest of all the White Vein Kratom Strains. With a laundry list of benefits ranging from it’s strong stimulating and energizing effects to its well sought after nootropic effect, unparalleled endurance and on top of all that it is known to be great as an antidepressant. 

White Samarinda Kratom’s most impressive characteristic is it’s seemingly immediate effects. Perfect for those in need of instant gratification in the energy department as well as improved mood and focus. This White Vein Kratom is perfect for a busy work week or for full time students with a heavy workload since it seems to give Kratom enthusiasts added attention to detail and an increased mental focus over all. 

Dosage of White Samarinda Kratom

White Samarinda Kratom, although a powerful strain is still a great choice for a Kratom beginner due to it’s alkaloidal profile and that it has a wide range of benefits. The beginners dose is often recommended to be between 1-2 grams. This dose offering a gentle yet stimulating and effective response. 

More experienced users looking for a more soothing and relaxing type effect are often recommended to take between 4-6 grams. For a more sedative like effect experiences users might take up to 8 grams. 

Inexperienced users are highly recommended to start low and slow and as you have acclimated to the initial dose only then should you gradually increase as needed. 


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